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From Farms to Plates: Ensure the Food Safety

By CIOReview | Monday, July 8, 2019

The right vendor-distributor collaboration can help restaurant operators to mitigate the risks in the wake of a food safety crisis while protecting the brand, its employees, and the customers served.

FREMONT, CA: Food safety distress has been a recurring issue, which is an indication to use the right vendors and distributors who can help the restaurant executives and operators to protect their brands from outbreaks.

To maintain food safety, restaurants need to implement stricter procedures, including third-party audit information review, recall systems, standard operating processes, food safety manuals, and supplier and distributor approval programs. It is necessary to have an idea regarding the impact of even the smallest outbreak, which can affect the entire running of the business.

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Health Comes First:

The supply chain in its every link such as growers, coolers, packers, processors, distributors, restaurants, and retailers, have to ensure the safety of public health. The partial role of vendors and distributors is to ensure that everyone is safe, and make restaurants a part of the supply chain, wherein, every piece works together to keep their consumers safe and healthy.

Brand Reputation:

It is of chief importance that the brand does not get attached to any food recalls or outbreaks, so it is imperative to be protected before it’s too late. Social media and the internet have made the transparency of anything and everything in the world available in just a few clicks, which can reflect reactions related to the brands and the concerns as well.

Promote Traceability:

In order to make calculated decisions, it is crucial for a restaurant to have programs featuring a high level of traceability, which can also help to foretell whether to destroy, segregate, or keep using specific products. The operators can keep a track on the safe consumption of the food at any given time or take a proactive approach in case of inedible food.

With an increase in demand for local and small growers, a rise in food recalls, or an outbreak is likely to occur. Therefore, it is always ideal to consult with the product management firm to implement a food safety method in place for small growers and review and renew the certifications. The most significant thing to remember is that knowledge is the peace of mind, and it needs to be well-informed regarding the steps that are necessary to be taken during an outbreak.

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